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Restraining Orders to Protect You and Your Children

Legal Assistance from a Restraining Order Attorney in Aurora, Fort Carson, and Falcon, CO

If you are threatened by domestic violence, our attorneys can help you pursue a restraining order to assert your rights and protect your security. We will take immediate action to collect the necessary evidence to obtain either a TRO or a PRO. Our attorneys are experienced in aggressively advocating for our clients at restraining order hearings and have the trial skills to make the best arguments on your behalf.

There are several types of restraining orders available in Colorado. If you or someone you love believes that he or she is in danger, there are remedies available. At the CNL Law Firm, PLLC, we are experienced in representing both clients seeking a restraining order and individuals defending against a restraining order.

Safety is your legal right. Let our experienced attorneys assert your legal rights to security and a restraining order.

Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO): A TRO is available if it is supported with evidence of a threat. Once a TRO is entered, a date for a permanent restraining order hearing is set. The TRO will usually last from 10 to 14 days prior to the hearing. At the hearing, the court will determine whether the restraining order will be made permanent. Our attorneys are experienced in filing for TROs as well as creating a compelling case on behalf of individuals seeking a permanent restraining order. We can also represent you if you are interested in defending against a PRO.

Permanent Restraining Orders (PRO): At the hearing, it is the burden of the person asking for the restraining order to prove that there is a need. Our attorneys can represent you in demonstrating a threat to your safety and a need for a PRO, or we can help you defend against a PRO.

If a PRO is entered, any violation of the order is a crime, and the defender may be prosecuted. We can assert your rights at a hearing to prevent a PRO from being entered against you.

Restraining Orders, Divorce, and Child Custody

It is not uncommon for the pursuit of a restraining order to arise in the context of a divorce. Sometimes in the separation period, the high emotional toll will give rise to a need for a restraining order. A restraining order may be unnecessary on a permanent basis. As your advocate, we will help the courts determine which restraining orders are necessary and which are frivolous.

If your spouse is seeking a restraining order against you, it is important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible to protect your rights. A restraining order may have implications for child custody either during your divorce or in a final order. Our attorneys will collect the necessary evidence to protect your rights and defend against either a temporary restraining order or a permanent restraining order.

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